A SAIT publication for students, by students

The Emery Weal is a student-made, student-run publication with a longstanding history with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) as their premier publication.

The Emery Weal was established in 1926, and it has gone on to produce a press run of over 4600 copies. The Weal has employed students that have gone on to work with notable publications like the National Post, Globe and Mail, and The Calgary Herald.

After a brief hiatus, The Emery Weal is now a club with SAITSA, and the opportunity is finally here for students to produce stories for their community.

The Weal’s content starts with an idea that club members bring to pitch meetings, and then they will pursue and create the content, which will then be published online.

The Emery Weal is committed to uplifting the voices of students and bringing all manner of content to the community on a regular basis, and there will be an opportunity for students to get published and flex their writing skills, photography skills, and other forms of media content.

Whether SAIT students are in the journalism program, or in the respiratory therapy program; the Weal accepts everyone.