A poster and magazines of the Emery Weal at SAITSA’s club expo in Calgary on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. The Emery Weal formed in 1926, and returned after a two-year hiatus. (Photo by Hallie Martin/The Emery Weal)

The fall semester has begun, and your schedule is probably getting more hectic with each passing day.

If you’ve been thinking about joining the Weal, but are uncertain about the process, fear not! We’re here to help.

Whether there’s a story that you’re passionate about, or a journalism assignment that you’re particularly proud of, we’d love to see your work!

We’ve condensed the process of becoming one of “the Wealies” into five easy steps:

  1. Join our Discord server
    Our Discord server is where we pitch ideas, share news, and send each other updates! It’s the quickest and easiest way to contact anyone at The Weal.
  2. Pitch your idea
    There’s a channel in our discord server that we use for pitch ideas, articles, picture stories, and photo ideas. This can be an assignment you’ve completed in the past or a new story that you’d like to pursue in your community.
  3. Make a new post
    We use WordPress to compile our articles and galleries. Once we create a user profile for you, it’ll be easy to make a new post and edit it directly on the site.
  4. Upload your photos
    Since photos are relatively large, we find that uploading it to a Dropbox is the best way for us to receive them. Send your photos and CP style captions to the Weal Dropbox here.
  5. Shoot the editors a message
    Once you’re done formatting your article, message us on the updates channel on Discord. That’s it! The editorial team will have a look at it and keep in contact.

We also showcase weekly photos on Feature Fridays. If you have awesome photos that you’d like to display on the website, just drop them into our dropbox and send us a message on Discord!

If you have any questions or concerns, we will have a booth set up during the Get Involved Club Expo from Sept. 27-28.

Happy studying, everyone!

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