Board Positions

The club president is responsible for setting and monitoring goals for the club, running board meetings for the club, delegating tasks, appointing members to the board, appointing members to the editorial board (if necessary, when there is no acting editor-in-chief), and to maintain communication with the secretary, editor-in-chief, and vice-president.

The president will have leadership qualities and will lead the club and maintain goals that are related to a student publication. They will work closely with the editor-in-chief, and they will also build relationships with the student association.


The vice-president assists the president and the rest of the board, and they will stand in when the president is unable to. The president can delegate tasks to the vice-president, otherwise they work closely with the president.


The secretary takes minutes at board meetings, and they take records of meetings and events at the club. File keeping, like documentation for club members, or documentation from meetings, are held by the secretary. Organization skills and note-taking are assets. They will also manage the Weal email account and share important information for the club board.


The Treasurer manages the funds of the club, and they will create and manage the budget for the club. They will keep the president and the board up to date with the status of the treasury, and they will confirm spending on new endeavours. They are the second signer for club expenses.

Design and Graphics Manager

This position involves use of multiple Adobe products or Canva. They will design posters and online documents for the club and for the social media team. They will set up any templates for the social media team to use when they are creating content for the social media accounts. They are also responsible for the look of the website and any pages. They work closely with the marketing and advertising manager when it comes to maintaining the brand of the Weal.

Editorial Positions
Multimedia Editor

The multimedia editor requires a strong eye for visuals, and they will have a creative eye for coming up with visual content for the Weal. They are to attend weekly pitch meetings to oversee the artwork the contributors pitch at meetings. They will work closely with the editor-in-chief, and they will use their expertise to make selections for art on stories from the contributor submissions, and to provide artwork for the social media team.

They should have Photo Mechanic or Adobe Lightroom to make edits on photos if necessary. A passion for photography and videography is an asset as mentoring is also something they will bring to club members.

Managing Editor

The managing editor assists the editor-in-chief with finding content for club members, and for informing the club on current events that the Weal can cover. They are to prepare story ideas for club members at the weekly pitch meetings, so keeping up with SAITSA and SAIT events, along with other student events will be a part of the role.

Copy Editor(s)

The copy editor will go over each story that comes through the Weal and make edits where necessary. They will follow CP rules, and they must not deviate from the writer’s voice when making edits. The goal is to make sure the story is stronger than it was without making huge alterations. They will make the call if a writer needs to rewrite a section or to provide more information.