The east entrance of the Campus Centre, with the patio of the Gateway in Calgary on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. The Gateway, along with other facilities inside the Campus Centre, is set to close at the end of Sept. 2022. Saitsa has operated the facility since 1981 when it was Spartacus Lounge. (Alejandro Melgar/The Emery Weal).

SAIT has officially announced the closure of the Campus Centre for Monday, Aug. 1, 2022, which will include Saitsa facilities, Trojans Athletics facilities, the Odyssey Café, and the Gateway Restaurant and Bar.

The Campus Centre Redevelopment project will include the demolition of the current building and the construction of a new one. These changes are a part of their New World, New Thinking strategic plan.

The Campus Centre has been open for 41 years, and the cost to repair the building will exceed 65 percent of the building value, according to a press release from SAIT.

A new building project will maximize value and opportunity to best support a great student experience on campus.

Campus Centre Redevelopment Project

In addition, the building needs to be updated for wheelchair accessibility to access the Health and Wellness Centre and other Trojans facilities.

The ice rink, one of many Trojans facilities, will close on June 30, 2022. The eSports lounge, bowling alley, and Odyssey Café will close on Aug. 1.

The Odyssey Café will move to Saitsa’s Station Market, and they will open in September.

In the same release, SAIT states that the Trojans have secured space for their teams in the fall, but there is no confirmation on where the athletes will practice.

The Wellness Centre will remain open until further notice, and SAIT is doing pre-construction work that includes relocation planning.

Students find new routes

There is also the C-Train platform, which will close from the Campus Centre; however, the northwest side will remain open for students. There will be an accessible route to the platform, but the elevator will also close on Aug. 1.

All Saitsa administrative offices will close on June 30, with temporary locations opening in the Senator Burns Building on Aug. 1.

Gateway Events will continue to host shows throughout Calgary. Additionally, the bar and restaurant are launching a food truck.

They have confirmed events with Bif Naked at The Rec Room on Aug. 11, Airbonne at The Palace Theatre on Sept. 30, and Classified at The Grand on Oct. 22.

It is unconfirmed whether the food truck will have access to SAIT campus or will operate throughout the City of Calgary.

The New World, New Thinking plan involves putting SAIT on the global map for international students, utilizing and teaching advanced technologies for all students, and easy industry access for students.

Our roots are in Calgary, our ambition is global: to bring more of the world to SAIT and more of SAIT to the world — to be synonymous with people and practices that make things happen, that have real and lasting impact.

New World, New Thinking

Updates on the project will be shown on the SAIT website here, and students can contact the Saitsa Resource Centre at 403-210-4323 for more information.

Alejandro Melgar

Alejandro Melgar graduated from the SAIT online-print journalism stream. He is the former club president and contributor for The Emery Weal. You can find his work on LiveWire Calgary, CityNews Calgary, and on his website at

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