It’s the last few days of Leo season, and starting on Tuesday, Aug. 23, we will officially be in Virgo season, which is great for efficiency and getting into routine. This is going to be especially helpful for school starting back up, and for that Autumn energy!

Virgo season is a great time for reorganizing your life and figuring out what your priorities are. This can sometimes feel a little stressful at first, as you begin to reevaluate what needs to come first, but in the end it will feel better.

Virgo season is also known for opening up communication, which will be helpful once Mercury retrograde begins on Sept. 9.

The Moon begins in Cancer this week and moves into Leo on the 25.

On Aug. 27 we will have the New Moon, which is a perfect time for manifesting what you want. Try doing this by saying you already have the things you want and telling the universe you are grateful for them.

Honesty and intuition from Lapis Lazuli

The crystal of the week is lapis lazuli! Lapis lazuli is known for bringing honesty, intuition, and powering your manifestations.

This will be a great crystal to have during the New Moon and for the beginning of Virgo season. This crystal is great for people who have Virgo placements and can help everyone throughout this next month of Virgo energy.

An example of this would be “I am thankful for my abundance in wealth.” By doing this, you are using the law of assumption! Doing this method attracts what you want by assuming it already belongs to you.

The law of assumption is often used as a manifestation ritual, by speaking out loud and assuming what you desire is already yours, the universe begins to send it your way.

Tuesday Sanderman

Tuesday Sanderman is a second-year journalism student at SAIT, and a columnist for the Emery Weal. Her Column, Tuesday's Rock Collection, is a weekly column that describes current events in astrology, like the placements of the planets, and which crystal will be best suited throughout the week.

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