Currently, it is still Libra season, but Scorpio season is right around the corner, which starts Oct. 23!

We may start to feel this Scorpio energy coming in, and Scorpios are known for being intense. This means the energy flowing in right now may feel a little chaotic, and we may feel a little more emotional than normal.

Scorpio energy brings a lot of mystery and determination. Mixing this with the lingering Libra energy may lead us to find our passions and love life to be more intense, yet interesting.

The Moon is currently in Leo, making us feel more positive and hopeful, and on Oct. 21, the Moon will move into Virgo. When the Moon is in Virgo, we will feel a more grounded with our emotions.

Planetary retrogrades

We still have three planets in retrograde! The first planet in retrograde is Jupiter, which will end on Nov. 23. Jupiter retrograde is all about stripping away delusions to allow us to see reality, and it’s one that puts us on the right path of life.

Saturn retrograde teaches us life lessons and brings us maturity. During this time, we are learning to set stricter boundaries, which may seem a little intimidating. Saturn retrograde ends on Oct. 23.

Uranus is also in retrograde, and this one focuses on finding the right path to become your true self. This one ends on Jan. 22, 2023.

Neptune is another planet currently in retrograde. Neptune retrograde is known for stripping away delusions, just like Jupiter, and finding your truth. This one ends on Dec. 4.

With all of these retrogrades happening, we may feel overwhelmed with our life lessons and new beginnings. As always, we need to have patience and focus on becoming a better person.

Green Calcite

A green calcite sits on a desk in Calgary on Oct. 17, 2022. (Photo by Tuesday Sanderman/The Emery Weal)

The crystal of the week is green calcite!

This crystal is great for bringing out your true self and bringing balance. It helps break old habits and begin new patterns. This is perfect for all the current retrogrades that are putting us on new paths, as it will help embrace this energy! 

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