Stars visible over Lundbreck Falls, Alta. Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021. (Photo by Rory Carroll/The Emery Weal)

This week will be more peaceful than the last, as there are currently no big transitions happening. The sun is in Cancer, and it will stay in Cancer until July 22. The moon is in Virgo at the beginning of this week, and will continue through the zodiac signs every two days.

The moon transitions are something we are accustomed to, as it happens so often we rarely notice it. While the moon in Virgo, you may be more analytical of your emotions and may find yourself processing them rather than actually feeling them.

On Wednesday, the moon will move into Libra. During this time, you may find yourself being more social and taking things easy. This is a great way to go into the weekend!

Saturn is still in retrograde, as it will be until Oct. 23. During these couple of months, we are working on setting our boundaries and figuring out what is holding us back from our goals. Now is the time to align with your higher-self and restructure your goals.

Saturn is currently retrograding into Aquarius and won’t be entering this sign again until 2050, so now is the time to take advantage of what Aquarius brings. Aquarius is known for being rebellious and eccentric, so you may find yourself breaking through restrictions in terms of socializing.

An orange calcite crystal sits on a desk in Calgary on Monday, July 4, 2022. (Photo by Tuesday Sanderman/The Emery Weal)

The crystal of the week is orange calcite! This crystal is great at bringing joy, and it helps to set you on the right path. It is also very helpful in improving motivation and eliminating laziness. This is a good crystal to carry around this week because it will help bring more excitement when socializing or help you process intense emotions. It can also help motivate you to align yourself with your goals. 

Tuesday Sanderman

Tuesday Sanderman is a second-year journalism student at SAIT, and a columnist for the Emery Weal. Her Column, Tuesday's Rock Collection, is a weekly column that describes current events in astrology, like the placements of the planets, and which crystal will be best suited throughout the week.

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