The moon is illuminated during twilight at the Central Memorial park on July 7, 2022. The moon was a first-quarter moon and was illuminated by the sun by 54 per cent. (Photo by Heather Chapin/The Emery Weal)

Currently, we have many planets in retrograde! This is probably making everyone feel a little overwhelmed and chaotic, but we will eventually adjust to this energy.

The Sun is still currently in Virgo, as it will be until Sept. 22 before moving into Libra. The Moon is currently in Cancer and will move into Leo on Sept. 21.

At the beginning of this week, we may feel more emotional and empathetic. When the Moon moves into Leo, we may feel more expressive with our emotions. On Sept. 25, we have a New Moon in Virgo. This may make us feel more judgemental, especially towards ourselves, and searching for perfection.

Planets in retrograde

The one affecting us the most is Mercury retrograde, as the time period for this one is shorter, so the energy processes a lot quicker than the other planets.

Mercury began retrograding on Sept. 9 and will continue to be in retrograde until Oct. 2. Over the course of the next month, we will experience issues with communication and technology.

This is nothing to panic over because we go through these periods multiple times a year, and we can easily get through them.

Jupiter is also in retrograde! This retrograde began on July 28 and will finish on Nov. 23. Jupiter rules travel, wealth, education, and law.

During these times, we may seek more development within ourselves and these subjects, explore more opportunities, and find our purpose. This could make us feel a little disconnected from ourselves as we search for inner truth.

Another planet in retrograde is Uranus, which started Aug. 24 and will end Jan. 22, 2023. Uranus retrograde affects our personal growth, and it can cause many changes in our lives because Uranus rules rebellion and innovation.

This energy may feel like shedding a new skin and becoming a new person, and that might make some of us feel uncomfortable.

Neptune is in retrograde as well! Neptune rules intuition, spirituality, and dreams. During this retrograde, we may have weird dreams and find messages within them, especially around the full and new moons.

This energy will be revealing the truth to everyone’s intentions and helping us face our fears. Follow your gut during this retrograde from June 28 to Dec. 3.

Pluto is also retrograding! Pluto represents regeneration and rebirth. During Pluto retrograde, we will go through a lot of growth, with many planets supporting this.

Growth with rose quartz

rose-quartz crystals on a desk.
A cluster of tumbled rose-quartz crystals and one rose-quartz tower is placed on a desk on Sept. 19, 2022. Rose quartz is most commonly mined in California, Sweden, Brazil, and Maine; however, rose quartz deposits have been found globally. (Photo by Tuesday Sanderman/The Emery Weal)

The crystal of the week is rose quartz!

During this times of growth and new paths, we could all use some more self-love and patience. Rose quartz is the perfect crystal for this, as it brings positivity and attracts love from all directions.

This crystal will help us during this period of multiple retrogrades and help bring us peace.

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