It’s the last week of Scorpio season! Next week, on Nov. 22, we will move into Sagittarius season. Until then, we will still be dealing with the intense emotions and breaking of superficiality.

As the week continues, Sagittarius may give us more carefree and spontaneous energy. It may also mix with high intensity emotions, so be watchful of impulsive decisions. 

The Moon is in Leo as of Nov. 15. When the Moon is in Leo, we will feel more optimistic but dramatic with our emotions.

The Moon moves into Virgo on Nov. 17, and when the Moon is in Virgo, we may find ourselves more critical and observant.

On Nov. 19 the Moon moves into Libra. While the Moon is in Libra, we may find ourselves more harmonious and willing to explore what we are truly feeling.

Mars is still currently in retrograde. Mars is the planet of passion and aggression, so when it’s in retrograde, we may find ourselves looking inwards.

We may be more argumentative and intense in our actions, so be mindful of the path you are taking. Mars retrograde ends on Jan. 12, 2023, so we still have a lot of time left to work through those intensities.


A serpentine sits on a desk on Nov. 14, 2022. Serpentine also known as serpantinite is classified in a group of crystal called Ultramafic rocks which contain naturally occurring asbestos found in the white inclusions. Tumbled serpentine is safe to handle but in water and in powdered form the risk of asbestos exposure increases. (Photo by Tuesday Sanderman/The Emery Weal)

The crystal of the week is serpentine! This crystal is good for opening new pathways and bringing wisdom.

This can be helpful during the Mars retrograde, as it helps bring us emotional balance. It can also help guide you towards the right pathway. Carry this crystal with you this week if you can!

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